2024 Road Race 1 Track Day

2024 Road Race 1 Track Day

Exciting news! Join us for our 2nd Annual Exclusive Road Race 1 Event at Nelson Ledges Road Course, set for Friday, June 7th, 2024. We can't wait to see you there!

Following last year's tremendous success, we're excited to partner with AutoInterests for another unforgettable event in 2024! To make it happen, we need at least 20 deposits. Don't miss out – secure your spot now! Last year's event sold out quickly, offering 5 hours of open track, minimal traffic, and a standout experience. This isn't your typical track day – it's a must-attend event that's received rave reviews. Join us for another amazing experience!

Just like our last event, we’ll be offering a track walk and on-track photos. Then enjoy 5 hours of open lapping — drive as you please without session restrictions. Afterward, join us for a potluck trackside! We're also excited to be arranging some unique prizes and awards, plus an event t-shirt is in works. Stay tuned for more details!

Our event is Friday and we will be running Sat/Sun with Autointerests as a normal HPDE as well. Friday is SOLO drivers only. If you do not have an account with Autointerests you must make your account first before you can sign up.
Sign ups are just for Friday as of now with a $100 deposit due to secure your spot! Sat/Sun registration will open later.


*Requires a minimum of 20 cars committed!

$100 deposit by Jan. 15th guarantees a spot*

  • Registration will be capped at 25 drivers.
  • In the event that less than 20 deposits are received by the deadline, everybody's deposit will be applied toward a registration for that Saturday and/or Sunday.
  • Only Novice Solo, Intermediate and Advanced drivers.
  • Anyone who has not driven with AutoInterests will not have the option to register as Novice Solo until they submit (and are approved) via our Run Group Request Form: https://autointerests.com/form/run-group-assignment-request 
  • If you have any queries about the event, feel free to reach out to us at info@roadrace1.com. For questions regarding registration, sign-up, novice solo requests, or billing, please contact events@autointerests.com.



  • The cost of Friday is locked in at $230 (assuming there are 20 drivers, and you pay both deposit and balance by the deadlines).
  • Pricing for single, 2-day or 3-day registrations are shown in the tables below. All drivers are subject to AutoInterests' price tiers which change on scheduled/published dates. We do not have these dates finalized yet for 2024 but for reference 2023's dates were: Tier 1 from date of release to March 3, Tier 2 from March 4th to May 3rd, and Tier 3 from May 4th to date of event.
  • NOTE: the prices shown in the tables below are TOTAL pricing - after you pay the $100 deposit, your total owed will be $100 less than the total shown.
  • Anybody who holds a Fast Pass or AutoInterests Membership will still receive the discounts associated with those programs IN ADDITION to these rates (except for the deposit payment).
FRIDAY $230 n/a n/a
SATURDAY $244 $264 $280
SUNDAY $234 $254 $270

NOTE: if driving Friday only, your $100 deposit (paid now) would be subtracted from the $230 price when you complete your registration. 

FRI + SAT $230 + $244 $230 + $264 $230 + $280
Subtotal $474 $494 $510
2-day discount 10% OFF 10% OFF 10% OFF
TOTAL $426.60 $444.60 $459

NOTE: your $100 deposit (paid now) would be subtracted from the above "TOTAL" when you complete your multi-day registration.

FRI + SAT + SUN $230 + $244 + $234 $230 + $264 + $254 $230 + $280 + $270
Subtotal $708 $748 $780
3-day discount 15% OFF 15% OFF 15% OFF
TOTAL $601.80 $635.80 $663

NOTE: your $100 deposit (paid now) would be subtracted from the above "TOTAL" when you complete your multi-day registration.

*Spots are only guaranteed for Friday. If registering for Saturday and/or Sunday, we recommend doing so as early as possible once registration opens. Those days will be open to the public and run group sizes are limited.

Additional Event Details:

  • Drivers can drop trailers Thursday at 5pm and camping overnight at the track is permitted
  • 8:00am - Arrive at the track
  • 9:00am - Track Walk
  • 10:00am - On-track photos
  • 11:00am - Tech Inspection
  • 11:30pm - Mandatory Driver Meeting
  • 12:00pm - On-track sessions begin
  • 5:00pm - Track closed