Remote Oil Filter & Cooler Adapter, 4.6 and 5.4 Ford Modular V8

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Improved Racing's Ford Modular V8 remote oil filter adapter allows you to relocate your oil filter to a more practical location (most commonly the...

Remote Engine & Transmission Oil Filter Mount with Thermostat

Oil Cooler Adapters Product Search
Improved Racing's remote oil filter mount features a built-in thermostat to save both space and cost. Intended for use with an oil cooler, the...

Billet Remote Oil Filter Take-Off Plate, M22x1.5 Filter Thread

Oil Cooler Adapters Oiling System Product Search
Improved Racing's billet remote take-off plate replaces your oil filter to allow for the installation of a remote oil filter system. This compact, high-flow spin-on...

Improved Racing Oil Filter Sandwich Plate with Thermostat for Oil Coolers 1979-2019 Mustang

Oil Cooler Adapters Product Search
Improved Racing's anodized billet aluminum sandwich plate is available in all popular oil filter thread sizes for easily plumbing an oil cooler to your...

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