1/2" thick wheel spacers, 5-Lug, hubcentric, pair, 1994-04, S197 rear

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1/2" thick MM wheel spacers. Hubcentric. Fits 1994-04 Mustangs. 1 pair.

The physics of keeping the wheels on: Wheel Spacer Tech

  • Slips on, over the car's wheel studs
  • Longer wheel studs are required with these 1/2" spacers.
  • Hubcentric feature aids wheel installation.
  • Does not fit S197 front hubs. Will fit S197 rear hub.
  • You must check the amount of wheel stud thread engagement on your car to ensure that at least 6 threads are fully engaged in the lug nut after installing the wheel spacer.
  • 1979-93 Mustangs: Fits only those converted to Ford 5-lug pattern by installing SN95 spindles and hubs. Will not fit a 1987-93 Mustang that was converted to 5-lug by swapping the 4-lug rotor for the Lincoln 5-lug rotor, including SVO.
  • Designed and manufactured by Maximum Motorsports
  • CNC machined from lightweight aluminum-alloy
  • Precision machined on each side to ensure parallelism


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