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1996-2004 Ford Mustang GT Oil Cooler & Filter Relocation Kit, 200°F

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    1996-2004 Ford Mustang GT Oil Cooler & Filter Relocation Kit, 200°F

    Improved Racing's bolt-on oil cooler kit for the SN95 Ford Mustang GT relocates the oil filter to a much more convenient location and reduces peak oil temperatures by as much as 30-50°F.

    Improved Racing's bolt-on oil cooler adapter (Part # EFR-100) replaces the factory oil filter and water inlet manifold. A custom silicone radiator hose connects the factory radiator and coolant expansion tank directly to the 1.75" water neck on the adapter. Improved Racing's remote filter mount (Part # ENV-140 or # ENV-170) is included and mounting hardware is provided.

    The kit includes professionally assembled, pressure-tested lines with aluminized Kevlar sleeves for protection from heat and abrasion.

    For applications that experience mixed street and track use, our kit is customizable to come with a thermostatic oil filter mount which ensures your engine oil reaches safe operating temperatures quickly even during casual street driving. Kits have three alternate temperature ratings: 180°F, 200°F, and 212°F.

    For track-only applications that do not require an oil cooler thermostat, choose our EFR-601 kit that comes with our non-thermostatic oil filter mount, part number ENV-140.

    Features and Benefits

    • Includes Improved Racing's MHX series high-efficiency 20-row, dual-pass oil cooler to keep oil temps in check at the track
    • Relocates oil filter to a convenient and more accessible location behind the front bumper support
    • ENV-140 remote oil filter mount OR ENV-170 thermostatic remote oil filter mount
    • Includes custom light-weight aluminum, rubber-isolated oil cooler mounting brackets
    • Professionally assembled, lightweight, heat-shielded -10AN oil lines with anodized aluminum dual-swivel fittings
    • Oil cooler adapter features two 1/4" sensor ports to accommodate the factory pressure switch and for aftermarket oil sensors or turbo oil supply
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Made in the USA


    • 1996-2004 4.6L Ford Modular V8 Mustang GT, chassis code SN95
    • 1996-2002 Cobra and Mach 1 trims require an optional 1.75" to 1.50" radiator hose reducer, part number RHR-175-150. The included silicone radiator hose must also be trimmed for these applications.
    • Does NOT fit 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra. The radiator hose will interfere with the alternator in these supercharged applications. These applications will require a custom radiator hose.


    • 180°F and 200°F Thermostat - Recommended for mixed street use and track use.
    • 212°F Thermostat - Recommended for race cars that run a higher viscosity oil and must maintain higher minimum oil temperatures.
    • Radiator Hose Reducer - REQUIRED for Mustang Cobra and Mach 1 trims


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