2005-2010 Ford Mustang 3v (4.6L 3v) Oil Cooler Kit with Remote Thermostatic Filter Mount

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We understand that one size doesn't always fit all. That's why we offer the flexibility to customize our kits to perfectly suit your specific application needs. While our kits are designed as direct bolt-on solutions, we recognize that your project might have unique requirements. Contact us for more details.
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Back in stock mid January 2024 - Accepting orders but won't ship until mid January 2024

Upgrade your 2005-2010 3v Ford Mustang with our all-inclusive Oil Cooler Kit, specifically designed to enhance performance and provide efficient cooling. Our kit includes premium AN fittings and RaceFlux AN lines, ensuring a seamless installation on your Mustang.

With our kit, you'll receive all the necessary AN fittings and high-quality RaceFlux AN lines required for a successful installation. We've also included the essential mounting hardware to simplify the process. However, it's important to note that some fabrication will be necessary when mounting the remote filter and oil cooler. The specific placement of these components will depend on your personal preferences and the desired location.

To assist you in visualizing the installation, we've included a selection of customer installation photos. These images will provide you with valuable insights into the potential mounting options for the remote filter and oil cooler, helping you make informed decisions during the installation process.

Rest assured that our kits have been meticulously designed and tested to meet the demanding requirements of your 2005-2010 3v Ford Mustang. We understand the importance of reliable cooling for optimal performance, and our kit delivers on that promise.

Please note that the fabrication required for mounting the remote filter and oil cooler is a small trade-off for the significant benefits and enhanced performance you'll experience with our kit. Take advantage of our comprehensive solution, complete with AN fittings, high-quality RaceFlux AN lines, and the necessary mounting hardware to transform your 2005-2010 3v Ford Mustang into a high-performance machine.

Elevate your Mustang's cooling capabilities and unleash its true potential with our Oil Cooler Kit. Order now and enjoy the benefits of improved cooling and performance in your 2005-2010 3v Ford Mustang.

Experience the ultimate cooling performance with our premium Oil Cooler Kit for your vehicle. While our kits may be priced higher than the standard Mishimoto kit, there are compelling reasons behind the cost difference.

Our kits are meticulously crafted to provide unmatched quality and performance. We have incorporated a high-capacity oil cooler, ensuring superior heat dissipation and optimal cooling efficiency even in the most demanding conditions. The inclusion of high-quality AN lines and fittings guarantees a leak-free installation, providing you with peace of mind and eliminating any potential issues.

To further enhance the kit's performance, we have included heat shielding to safeguard the components from excessive heat, optimizing their efficiency and longevity. The addition of silicone coolant hoses ensures durability and adds performance benefits to your vehicle.

One standout feature of our kit is the highly recommended remote mount thermostatic oil filter. This essential component regulates oil temperature, ensuring optimal flow and performance, especially in colder temperatures. By including this feature, our kit is well-equipped to handle various environments and provides added versatility.

Our kits have undergone rigorous track testing on a wide range of vehicles, enduring the demanding conditions of wheel-to-wheel racing and HPDE events. This thorough testing process ensures that our kits are robust, reliable, and suitable for high-performance applications, offering you the utmost confidence in their performance.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that exceeds industry standards, we strongly recommend considering our Oil Cooler Kit. While the cost may be higher, the exceptional quality, track-proven durability, and reliable performance make it a valuable investment for enthusiasts seeking optimal cooling and performance in challenging situations.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose our Oil Cooler Kit and elevate your vehicle's cooling capabilities to new heights.

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Improved Racing's Motorsport Heat Exchanger (MHX) series oil coolers are the result of several years of development and testing to create a highly efficient oil cooler. These coolers were perfected through extensive testing on our in-house heat exchanger test system and wind tunnel. This kit comes with the larger MHX-521 cooler that is rated for up to 500 wheel hp. The optional upgraded cooler (MHX-530) is good up to 700+ wheel HP in many applications.

The Oil Cooler Kit includes the following components:

  1. MHX-521 High-Efficiency Oil Cooler: This top-of-the-line oil cooler is designed for exceptional cooling performance, capable of handling up to 500 horsepower. It comes with -10AN fittings for easy installation.

  2. 05-11 Mustang Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket: This specifically designed mounting bracket ensures a secure and precise fit for the oil cooler in 2005-2011 Mustang models.

  3. Unassembled RaceFlux Lightweight Viton Racing Hose: This high-quality racing hose, suitable for both fuel and oil applications, comes in -10AN size and is pre-fitted with the necessary fittings for your convenience.

  4. Remote Oil Filter & Cooler Block Plate: Compatible with 4.6 and 5.4 Ford Modular V8 engines, this block plate enables the installation of a remote oil filter and cooler system. It features -10AN fittings for easy connection.

  5. Remote Engine & Transmission Oil Filter Mount with Thermostat: This component allows you to mount a remote oil filter and cooler system. It incorporates a thermostat for precise oil temperature regulation. The fittings included are -10AN size.

Additionally, the kit includes all the necessary supporting hardware required for installation, except for the custom brackets shown in the photos. Some fabrication will be necessary to determine the optimal location for mounting the cooler and remote filter based on your preferences.

With these high-quality components, our Oil Cooler Kit offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your vehicle's cooling capabilities and ensure optimal performance in demanding conditions.