2011-2014 Gen 1 Ford Mustang Coyote Swap Oil Cooler Kit with Remote Thermostatic Filter Mount

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Back in stock mid January 2024 - Accepting orders but won't ship until mid January 2024

These kits offer a comprehensive solution for installing on your Gen 1 Coyote Swapped 94-04 Ford Mustang, providing all the necessary AN fittings and high-quality RaceFlux AN lines. They have gained increasing popularity among those performing coyote swaps on various Mustang models, including the Fox body, SN95 (New edges included), and even s197 Mustangs. These kits have been track-proven in our own coyote swap track car and have been successfully utilized by customers over a period of three years on the track.

Even in highly modified coyote track cars, we have observed oil temperatures of around 230 degrees Fahrenheit on the track with the smaller MHX-521 oil cooler, while the ambient temperatures were approximately 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It's worth noting that for added assurance, we recommend considering the MHX-530 oil cooler. However, the MHX-520 is capable of keeping up even in the harshest conditions with under 500 wheel horsepower.

To facilitate the installation process, we provide the necessary mounting hardware. However, it's important to mention that fabrication will be required for mounting the remote filter and oil cooler, as the specific placement will depend on your desired location. To give you an idea of potential mounting options, we have included photos of a customer's installation.

Rest assured, these kits are designed to meet the demands of coyote swaps and have proven their durability and performance on the track.

These kits may indeed have a higher price compared to the standard Mishimoto kit, and there are valid reasons for this difference. The increased cost is primarily due to the inclusion of several premium features and components.

Firstly, these kits incorporate a high-capacity oil cooler, which provides superior cooling performance. The high-quality AN lines and fittings ensure a leak-free installation, offering enhanced reliability. The addition of heat shielding further protects the components from excessive heat, optimizing their efficiency and longevity. Moreover, the silicone coolant hose included in the kit adds durability and performance benefits.

One significant feature of these kits is the remote mount thermostatic oil filter, which is highly recommended for colder temperatures. This component helps regulate oil temperature and ensures optimal flow even in harsh conditions. By including this feature, the kits are well-suited for a variety of environments and provide added versatility.

Furthermore, these kits have undergone track testing on various vehicles, demonstrating their ability to withstand the demanding conditions of wheel-to-wheel racing and HPDE (High-Performance Driving Events). This testing process ensures that the kits are robust, reliable, and suitable for high-performance applications.

If you are considering purchasing a comprehensive kit, we highly recommend considering this option. While the cost may be higher, the kit's features, durability, and track-proven performance make it a valuable investment for enthusiasts seeking reliable performance in demanding situations.

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The MHX series oil coolers by Improved Racing are the outcome of dedicated research and development over several years, aiming to create an oil cooler with exceptional efficiency. These coolers have undergone rigorous testing utilizing an in-house heat exchanger test system and wind tunnel to achieve optimal performance.

The kit includes the MHX-521 cooler, which is the larger variant capable of handling oil cooling requirements for applications with up to 500 wheel horsepower. This cooler has been extensively tested and proven to deliver outstanding performance. However, for higher horsepower applications, an optional upgraded cooler, the MHX-530, is available. The MHX-530 is designed to handle power outputs of 700+ wheel horsepower in many scenarios, providing an extra level of cooling capacity.

The extensive development and testing processes employed by Improved Racing ensure that their oil coolers are reliable, efficient, and capable of withstanding demanding conditions. Whether you opt for the MHX-520 or the MHX-530, you can have confidence in the performance and durability of these oil coolers in a wide range of applications.

The kit includes the following items:

  1. (1) MHX-521 High-Efficiency Oil Cooler: This oil cooler is designed to efficiently cool the oil and is suitable for applications with up to 500 horsepower. It comes with -10AN fittings, making installation easier.
  2. (1) SN and New Edge Mustang Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket: This bracket is specifically designed to mount the oil cooler in these models.
  3. (1) Unassembled RaceFlux Lightweight Viton Racing Hose: This high-quality hose is designed for use with both fuel and oil. It comes in -10AN size and is pre-fitted with the necessary fittings for convenience.
  4. (1) Remote Oil Filter & Cooler Block Plate, Gen 1 Coyote (5.0) Ford Modular V8: This block plate is compatible with the Gen 1 Coyote (5.0) Ford Modular V8 engine. It allows for the installation of a remote oil filter and cooler system and comes with -10AN fittings.
  5. (1) Remote Engine & Transmission Oil Filter Mount with Thermostat: This component enables the installation of a remote oil filter and cooler system. It features -10AN fittings and includes a thermostat to regulate oil temperature.

The kit also includes all the necessary supporting hardware required for installation, except for the custom brackets shown in the photos. Fabrication will be necessary to determine the best mounting locations for the cooler and remote filter based on your preferences.

Overall, this kit provides the essential components for installing the MHX-520 oil cooler and setting up a remote oil filter and cooler system in your Gen 1 Coyote (5.0) Ford Modular V8 engine.