2012-2015 5th Gen Camaro Performance Oil Cooler Kit, 200°F

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Improved Racing's bolt-on oil cooler kit adds extreme oil cooling performance to the 5th Gen Camaro SS. This kit will lower peak oil temperatures by as much as 30-50°F. Because it eliminates the factory water-to-oil cooler setup, water temps will decrease as well.

The Improved Racing kit is not only essential for track use, but also perfectly streetable. Thanks to the built-in oil thermostat, engine oil reaches safe operating temperatures quickly even during casual street driving.

The kit includes professionally assembled, lightweight -10AN oil lines featuring a Viton rubber interior, stainless reinforcement, and a silicone-fiberglass sleeve for protection from header heat and flames.

The thermostat is available in three temperature ratings: 180°F, 200°F, and 212°F. The 212°F unit is recommended for special racing applications where a high oil viscosity is used. The 180°F and 200°F units are recommended for mixed street and track use. Not sure what to use? Go with the 200° unit.

Features and Benefits

  • Massive oil cooling upgrade over the factory system, essential for track use
  • Includes Improved Racing's MHX series high-efficiency 45-row, triple-pass oil cooler.
  • Direct bolt-on kit includes everything needed for installation and elimination of the factory water-to-oil cooler. The only permanent modification required is drilling one small hole in the bumper support beam for the lower oil cooler mounting bracket.
  • Keeps oil temps in check to extend the life of your engine and reduce oil starvation
  • EGM-114 thermostatic oil cooler adapter precisely controls oil temps and accelerates engine warm-up
  • Professionally assembled, lightweight, heat-shielded -10AN oil lines with anodized aluminum dual-swivel fittings
  • Includes custom light-weight aluminum, rubber-isolated oil cooler mounting brackets
  • Oil cooler adapter features two sensor ports for aftermarket oil sensors or for turbo supply lines
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • 2012-2015 Chevrolet Camaro (5th Generation), all V8 models
  • Compatible with the factory ZL1 heat exchanger
  • May not be compatible with some aftermarket heat exchangers


  • 180°F and 200°F Thermostat - Recommended for mixed street use and track use.
  • 212°F Thermostat - Recommended for race cars that run a higher viscosity oil and must maintain higher minimum oil temperatures.


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Improved Racing
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Chevrolet Camaro (Gen 5)
V8 models
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