ACT 18-22 Jeep Wrangler JL / 20-22 Gladiator JT Street Mass HD-O / Street Sprung Clutch Kit

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AAIA Part Type Description

Transmission Clutch Kit

Application Summary

JP5-HDSS kit features ACT's highly regarded Heavy Duty pressure plate and most popular street disc delivering generous torque capacity, smooth precise feel, quiet operation and increased toughness to withstand the rigors of spirited street and off-road use. ACT’s exclusive diaphragm design increases clamp load, reduces deflection and maximizes clutch life. All diaphragms endure a four-stage heat-treating process for unparalleled performance. ACT precision pressure plate cover stampings provide rigidity and consistency while precision machined pressure plate castings absorb heat. ACT’s performance street discs boast quality parts throughout with robust center sections, premium organic friction materials for exceptional wear and improved heat capacity which are steel-backed for greater burst strength and durability.

Additional Information

Light to moderate pedal effort, smooth positive engagement, OE to mild gear rattle, good driveability;Longer friction life, extended by ACT's exclusive diaphragm design, increased durability and heat capacity; Carefully engineered, precisely assembled, accurately balanced, with superior organic friction materials for heat tolerance and reduced fade, premium bearings and hardware; Recommended for street or off-road use; 100% clamp load tested and dynamically computer balanced for smooth high RPM reliability, key areas induction hardened for longer life.

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Market Description

"Excellence in Performance", backed by the best one-year warranty in the industry!

Product Description - Long

HD-O/Perf Street Sprung

Product Description - Short

ACT 18-22 Jeep Wrangler JL / 20-22 Gladiator JT Street Mass HD-O / Street Sprung Clutch Kit

Product Description - Short

Clutch Kit