Adjustable Sway Bar Links for Mazda Rx-7 (FD3S), Rear

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Adjustable Sway Bar Links for Mazda Rx-7 (FD3S), Rear

Replace the stock plastic rear sway bar (also known as a stabilizer bar or anti-roll bar) end links with these high-strength, adjustable heim joint links made by Improved Racing. Lowering a vehicle or adjusting corner weights often results in undesired sway bar preload, negatively affecting the vehicle's handling. These links allow you to eliminate preload and properly corner-weigh your vehicle.

This high-performance kit features high-quality, 3-piece rod ends made in the USA by FK Rod Ends. These motor sport grade rod ends are built to tighter tolerances and last longer than standard rod ends.

The zinc-plated steel lower mounting bracket gives these links unlimited misalignment angle for maximum adjustment. Comes with Class 10.9 hardware, including an extra long lower bolt to fit coilovers with wider yokes.

Old part number SMA-1011.


  • Provides 0.5" of adjustability (from 2.8" to 3.3").
  • Extra-long mounting bolt accommodates all aftermarket coilovers, including those with wider yokes.
  • Eliminates undesired sway bar preload in lowered vehicles and assists in corner-weighing.
  • High performance motor sport rod ends feature self-lubricating Teflon (PTFE) race for long-life and smooth operation.
  • Works with stock and aftermarket sway bars.
  • Class 10.9 hardware, including extra-long mounting bolt.
  • Zinc-plated steel mounting bracket and spacers.
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty


  • 1993-2002 Mazda Rx-7


Part #
Type II Anodized
Improved Racing
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