Adjustable Sway Bar Links for NA Mazda Miata (MX-5), Premium, Front

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Replace your worn stock sway bar (also known as a stabilizer bar or anti-roll bar) end links with these adjustable links made by Improved Racing. Lowering a vehicle or adjusting corner weights often results in undesired sway bar preload, negatively affecting the vehicle's handling. These links allow you to eliminate preload and properly corner-weigh your vehicle. Links are adjustable on-car, without disconnecting either end.

These end links use high-quality, high-performance, American-made rod ends.


  • On-car adjustable without disconnecting either end.
  • Eliminates undesired sway bar preload in lowered vehicles and assists in corner-weighing.
  • Self-lubricating Teflon (PTFE) races for long-life and smooth operation.
  • Works with stock and aftermarket sway bars.
  • Links can be spaced towards the front of the car to eliminate excessive misalignment angles, or centered on the mounting ears like the factory setup.
  • Adjustment range of 3.9"-4.8" center-to-center


  • 1990-1997 (NA) Mazda MX-5 Miata


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Zinc-plated steel
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Improved Racing