Antigravity XPS V-12 Lithium Battery - Left Side Negative Terminal

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Introducing the Antigravity XPS V-12 Lithium Battery with a Left Side Negative Terminal! This innovative and high-performance battery is specifically designed to power a wide range of vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, snowmobiles, and more.

The Antigravity XPS V-12 Lithium Battery is made using advanced lithium-ion technology, making it incredibly lightweight compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Weighing only a fraction of the weight of standard batteries, it offers superior energy density, providing long-lasting power and exceptional performance.

With its unique left side negative terminal design, this battery offers greater convenience during installation and replacement. The terminal's positioning eliminates any potential interference with surrounding components, ensuring a hassle-free and secure connection.

Equipped with 12-volts of power, the XPS V-12 Lithium Battery delivers consistent and reliable performance even in extreme weather conditions. Its exceptional cranking power ensures quick and effortless engine starts, giving you the confidence to hit the road or embark on an adventure without any worries.

One of the standout features of the Antigravity XPS V-12 is its built-in jump-starting capabilities. Say goodbye to the days of relying on jumper cables or bulky jump starters when your vehicle's battery dies. This battery allows you to jump-start your vehicle directly from the battery itself, saving you valuable time and effort.

Additionally, the XPS V-12 Lithium Battery boasts an impressive lifespan, with up to twice the lifespan of standard lead-acid batteries. This means fewer battery replacements, lower maintenance costs, and more time spent enjoying your favorite activities.

Safety is a paramount concern, and the Antigravity XPS V-12 doesn't disappoint. It incorporates advanced safety features such as thermal protection, overload protection, and built-in short-circuit protection, ensuring reliable and safe operation in any situation.

Upgrade your vehicle's power source with the Antigravity XPS V-12 Lithium Battery with a Left Side Negative Terminal and experience the ultimate in lightweight, high-performance battery technology. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned off-roader, this battery is the perfect choice to enhance your vehicle's performance, reliability, and overall enjoyment.