Baffle for Holley GM LS 4" Stroke Retro-Fit 302-3 Oil Pan

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Baffle for Holley GM LS 4" Stroke Retro-Fit 302-3 Oil Pan

The 302-12 oil pan baffle was developed for Holley by Improved Racing for their 302-3 low-front clearance, 4" stroke oil pan. The trap door baffling adds additional oil control to prevent oil starvation during hard acceleration, braking, and high lateral G forces. Suitable for road racing, autocross, drifting, drag racing, and touring applications.

The baffle is fabricated from sheet aluminum joined by TIG welded joints. Directionally positioned one-way trap doors allow oil flow towards the oil pump pick-up but not away. This baffle is designed to be used in the Holley Part # 302-3 LS Swap oil pan with the standard pickup, and is a drop-in replacement for the standard tray baffle.

Ships directly from Holley.

Features and Benefits

  • Track-proven to prevent oil starvation at up to 1.4 sustained lateral G's
  • Direct bolt-in to 302-3 Holley LS Oil Pan
  • Aluminum sheet TIG welded construction
  • Vertical baffles with one-way trap doors surrounding the oil pump pick-up
  • Great for street/road race/drag race/ and off-road applications


This product is designed for direct installation in the following oil pan(s):

  • Holley Oil Pan Part # 302-3, 302-3BK, 302-5


Part #
Primary Material
5052-H32 aluminum
Improved Racing
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