Coil-over Kit with Springs, Front, fits 3rd-Generation Black MM Struts, 1979-2004 Mustang (Spring Rate Choice (lb/in))

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Spring Rate Choice (lb/in)

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MM Front Coil-over Package
  • Fits black 3rd-Gen MM struts, part number series MMD-FAxxxxx and MMD-FCxxxxx.
  • Includes springs and the coil-over conversion kit.

It's time to upgrade your Mustang's front suspension to a modern coil-over design! Ford made front coil-overs standard equipment on all 2005 and newer Mustangs for the better handling and ride quality they provide. Now you can enjoy the same benefits on your 1979-2004 Mustang, so order today!

Unlike the stock Ford coil-overs on newer Mustangs, MM's conversion kit for Fox and SN95 Mustangs allows easy ride height adjustment without changing springs. Our kit also:

  • Improves handling and ride quality by swapping the stock-location front springs for springs located on the struts.
  • Lets you choose what spring rate is best for how you use your Mustang, i.e., street, autocross, track, or a mix thereof. A wide variety of spring rates is available.
  • COP-24 fits 3rd-Gen MM struts, which have a black housing and are in part number series MMD-FAxxxxx and MMD-FCxxxxx.
  • COP-24 does not fit 1st- and 2nd-Gen MM struts (yellow housing) or Bilstein struts; those struts require the COP-1 coil-over package.
  • For help choosing springs, see the MM Guide to Choosing Spring Rates and Dampers.
  • Coil-over conversion is compatible with stock front control arms and stock K-member. Not required: Aftermarket control arms, K-member, or bumpsteer kit.
Required for installation


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