Delrin Bushing Kit for MM Front Control Arms - Road Race 1

Delrin Bushing Kit for MM Front Control Arms

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Replacement Delrin bushings for all Maximum Motorsports tubular front control arms. Direct replacement design allows swapping out urethane control arm bushings for Delrin. Includes new steel crush sleeves.

The MMFCAB-2 kit includes:
  • 8 direct replacement Delrin bushings
  • 4 steel crush sleeves
  • 2 packages of super sticky grease
  • 2 Self-locking ball joint nuts
  • Fits all MM tubular front control arms for 1979-04 Mustangs.
  • Replace worn Delrin bushings.
  • Allows changing from urethane bushings to Delrin bushings. The more compliant urethane improves ride quality by reducing impact harshness.
  • The less compliant Delrin improves performance by reducing deflection.
  • Delrin has much greater longevity than urethane, particularly during the heavy braking encountered when open-tracking.
  • Services one pair of front control arms.
  • New high-quality Delrin bushings.
  • Includes new zinc-plated steel crush sleeves.
  • Includes super sticky grease.
  • Urethane bushing kit also available.
  • Delrin provides the best track performance. It has reduced pivot friction, virtually no deflection, and much greater longevity than urethane.
  • Urethane transmits less noise and ride harshness into the cabin than Delrin.
  • MM front control arm bushings were designed to be interchangeable, so switching between urethane and Delrin is easy.