Improved Racing FSC Thermostat Rebuild Kit, 215°F

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Improved Racing FSC Thermostat Rebuild Kit, 215°F

Rebuild and refresh the internals or change the temperature of the Improved Racing Flow Series Compact (FSC) thermostat with this kit. Includes all internal components required to completely rebuild the thermostat.


  • FSC-145 High-Flow, Compact 145°F Fluid Thermostat
  • FSC-165 High-Flow, Compact 165°F Fluid Thermostat
  • FSC-185 High-Flow, Compact 185°F Fluid Thermostat
  • FSC-205 High-Flow, Compact 205°F Fluid Thermostat
  • FSC-215 High-Flow, Compact 215°F Fluid Thermostat


  • 1 x Thermal element (145°F, 165°F, 185°F, or 215°F)
  • 1 x Stainless steel spring
  • 1 x Viton O-ring seal
  • 4 x M4 housing screws


Part #
Improved Racing
Part Weight
2.00 lb (0.90 kg)
Minimum Operating Temperature
-40°F (-40°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature
302°F (150°C)
Maximum Operating Pressure
300 psi (20.68 bar)
Max Recommended Flow Rate
Up to 5 GPM (19 LPM)
Fluid Compatibility
Engine oil
Gear oil
Power Steering Fluid
Transmission fluid
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