Improved Racing Remote Oil Filter Mount Thread Adapter Bung for 3/4"-16 Oil Filters

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Replace a damaged filter bung or to convert your existing Improved Racing filter mount to accept 3/4"-16 filters with this 410 stainless steel adapter bung. 410 stainless steel is more durable, stronger and less prone to galling than more common grades.

Improved Racing's remote oil filter mount bung features a 3/4"-16 thread on one side and M22x1.50 thread on the other. Designed for 3/4"-16 thread filters, this filter bung fits Improved Racing remote filter mounts, which accept a M22x1.50 thread.


  • 3/4"-16 (filter side) to M22x1.50 (filter mount side) filter bung adapter
  • Machined from 410 stainless steel


  • ENV-170 - Remote Engine & Transmission Oil Filter Mount with Thermostat
  • ENV-171 - Remote Engine & Transmission Oil Filter Mount with Thermostat, V2
  • ENV-140 - Remote Engine & Transmission Oil Filter Mount, 4-Port
  • ENV-142 - Remote Engine & Transmission Oil Filter Mount, 2-Port

Installation Notes

  • Install the shorter side of the bung into the filter mount or engine block. The side with the longer thread should be used for the filter.
  • Install these bungs with a high strength threadlocker such as Loctite 271 and torque to aproximately 25 lb-ft (34 Nm).



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Primary Material
Stainless steel
Improved Racing