IRS Subframe Bushing Removal Tool, 1999-04 Cobra

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MM developed this tool to help remove the stock rubber bushings from the Cobra IRS subframe.

MMT-6 makes the job much easier and reduces the time spent removing the stock bushings by at least an hour.

Buy an MMIRSU-1 or MMIRSU-2 subframe bushing kit and pay only $19.96 for this tool (reg. $22.18)!

  • If you buy both items separately, our sales team will apply your discount when they process your order. It won't appear during check-out.
  • Purchase this tool as an option on the MMIRSU-1 or MMIRSU-2 subframe bushing page and the discount is automatic, and appears during check-out.

Pro Tips

  • Due to the limited space envelope around the IRS subframe, Maximum Motorsports highly recommends completely removing the IRS subframe from the vehicle.
  • We also recommend doing all of the modifications you ever plan to do to the IRS while it's out of the car, reducing your overall installation time and its difficulty. Take it from us: we know this from many years of experience!


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