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Priority Request, MM lead engineer, and an easier way to submit!

We automated the data collection and formatting when requesting a spring rate recommendation request from Maximum Motorsports. Each request is reviewed by Road race one to ensure it has been done correctly and the answers are thorough. That way we get the maximum benefit from their technical expertise, and we get priority within their queue of requests.

Technical Services
The MM Engineering Department provides recommendations for advanced car setup, or when a custom setup is needed for a parts combination that's outside of the typical mainstream setup. The MM Tech Associates who answer the phones and answer most emailed questions easily handle over 90% of the technical questions we receive. Questions involving unusual and very advanced setups usually require involving the MM Engineering Team, which is why we now offer Technical Services.

Credit for Tech Services
If you buy a product directly from Road Race 1 within 60 days (180 days for a Maximum Grip Box) of receiving a Tech Services recommendation for that item, we'll refund a portion of the Tech Services fee with a credit toward your purchase. The credit will be either the full Tech Services amount or 10% of your order, whichever is less.

AFTER PURCHASE - Complete the request form including your road race 1 order number for question #0. Here's the link.



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