MHX-500 Series Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket

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MHX-500 Series Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket

Improved Racing's MHX-150 mounting bracket was designed for use with the MHX-500 series oil coolers. These brackets make it simple to mount your oil cooler just about anywhere.

These lightweight anodized aluminum brackets feature built-in high-temp NBR rubber isolators to protect the oil cooler from vibration. These rubber mounts also prevent stresses caused by the expansion and contraction of the cooler during heat cycles. This will help ensure a long, leak-free service life for your oil cooler.

Brackets are sold individually and two brackets are required per cooler. Mounting screws are included. These brackets are made in the USA and backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Old part number MHX-500.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for Improved Racing MHX-500 series oil coolers
  • Isolates the cooler from vibration and stresses caused by heat expansion, extending the life of the cooler
  • Includes bracket with high-temp NBR rubber isolators, zinc-plated steel insert bushings, and M8 mounting screws
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA


Part #
Primary Material
Type II Anodized
Improved Racing
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