MM Stainless Brake Hose Kit, 1979-93 Mustang with SN95 calipers, front

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Maximum Motorsports Stainless Steel braided, PTFE-lined Front Brake Hose Kit.

Designed for SN95 brake caliper swaps. Connects OEM front calipers from 1994-2004 Mustangs to 1979-1993 Mustangs originally equipped with 10" or 11" front brake rotors. SN95 spindles and other parts are required to complete this swap.


  • SN95 front calipers swapped to a 1979-1993 Mustang having 7/16"-24 tube nuts on the front brake hard lines. All 1979-1993 Mustangs were so equipped except the cars listed below in the does not fit section.
  • Most 2000 Cobra R Brembo calipers, the later production calipers that attach the brake hose to the caliper with a banjo fitting and a 10mm fluid bolt.

Does NOT fit

  • This SN95 caliper swap hose kit does NOT fit a 1979-1981 Mustang chassis that was originally fitted with a 2.3L normally-aspirated engine or 2.8L engine. These Mustangs were originally equipped with extremely small front brake rotors, only 9.3" in diameter, and had front brake hard line fittings on the chassis with tube nuts having 3/8"-24 threads.
  • Early production 2000 Cobra R Brembo calipers. These attach the brake hose to the caliper with a JIC fitting connected to a pipe fitting in the caliper

Minor modifications to the chassis hose-mounting tabs may be required.

PTFE-lined, braided stainless steel hoses improve performance over stock rubber hoses by providing

  • A firmer brake pedal.
  • Quicker braking response.
  • Easier brake modulation.

This kit includes

  • Two brake hoses with 7/16"-24 threads for the hardline tube-nut connection
  • One pair of coarse-thread fluid bolts (M10 x 1.5)
  • One pair of fine-thread fluid bolts (M10 x 1.0)
  • Four copper sealing washers
  • Complete installation instructions

MM also carries high performance brake fluid.

For more details and technical information, scroll down.

Features of MM brake hoses

  • The hose end can swivel at the chassis prior to tightening. This allows perfect alignment between the chassis hose-mounting tab and the caliper's banjo fitting.
  • A brake fluid-resistant clear urethane covering helps protect the stainless steel braid.
  • DOT approved

Ford used both coarse-thread and fine-thread fluid bolts during the 1994-04 production years. We include both types of fluid bolts to ensure that you will have what is needed for your Mustang.

Braided stainless steel hoses are considered a safety requirement for any car that is raced. The high heat generated during track use has been known to cause failure of the stock rubber hoses.

Maximum Motorsports was the first with direct replacement stainless steel brake hoses for Mustangs, offering them since 1993.


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