Mocal 19-Row, 235 Matrix Oil Cooler, -10AN

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NOTE: Most Mocal coolers are currently only available in black. Some sizes are still available in silver, so if you have a preference, please contact us for availability. Otherwise, please be aware that you will most likely be receiving a black cooler.

Mocal oil coolers are lightweight and efficient, making them an excellent choice for cooling high performance street and race engines, transmissions and differentials. The cooler's oil passages feature turbulators which break down the boundary layer effects of the oil flow, improving cooling efficiency with minimal flow restriction.

Each cooler is constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy and tested using water immersion up to 170 PSI to ensure leak free operation.

Mocal's 19-row oil cooler is similar in size to the OEM oil cooler for the 3rd generation Mazda Rx-7 and makes a great high-performance replacement.

Features and Benefits

  • 9.25" wide core (235mm)
  • 19 rows or 5.78" (147mm) core height
  • 2.8 lb (1.24kg) dry weight
  • 0.40 quart (0.38L) capacity


Part #
Part Weight
2.00 lb (0.90 kg)
Primary Material
Powder Coated
Construction Type
Stacked plate
Number of Passes
Core Width
9.0" (228mm)
Core Height
5.78'' (147 mm)
Core Thickness
2" (50.8 mm)
Rows / Tubes
Test Pressure
170 psi (11.72 bar)
Maximum Operating Pressure
250 psi (10.34 bar)
Maximum Operating Temperature
302°F (150°C)
Minimum Operating Temperature
-40°F (-40°C)
Fluid Compatibility
Engine oil
Gear oil
Power Steering Fluid
Transmission fluid
Fluid Capacity
0.40 Qt (0.38 L)
Mounting Hole Size
1/4" Hole