Ohlins 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) 23 Honda Civic Type R (FL5) Road & Track Coilover System

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The Ohlins 17-20 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) Road & Track Coilover System is the ultimate suspension upgrade for your Honda Civic Type R. Specifically designed for the FK8 generation, this coilover system is engineered to deliver the perfect balance between performance and comfort on both the road and racetrack.

With Ohlins' renowned expertise in suspension technology, this coilover system offers precise damping adjustments, giving you full control over your car's handling and response. Whether you're tackling sharp corners or cruising down the highway, you'll experience improved stability, reduced body roll, and enhanced overall driving experience.

Featuring a durable construction and high-quality materials, the Ohlins Road & Track Coilover System is built to withstand the demands of spirited driving and aggressive track sessions. The adjustable ride height allows you to fine-tune the car's stance, giving your Civic Type R an aggressive and sporty look.

Upgrade your Honda Civic Type R FK8 with the Ohlins Road & Track Coilover System and experience ultimate performance and comfort like never before. Elevate your driving experience to new heights with this premium suspension upgrade.


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