Oil Filter Sandwich Plate for Oil Coolers

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This configurator allows you to customize an oil cooler adapter solution for the FA20 (also known as Toyota 4U-GSE) and FA24 found on several Subaru and Toyota vehicles.

Improved Racing's filter spacer plate allows our sandwich plates to clear the lip around the recessed filter found on these engines. The spacer also features two 1/8" NPT ports so that sensors can be added if desired.

Step 1

  • The ENV-139 is a simple sandwich plate with no oil thermostat. This unit should be used primarily in track-only cars.
  • The ENV-131 (-10AN ports) and ENV-132 (-8AN ports) sandwich plates feature an oil thermostat to prevent overcooling of your engine oil on the street and to ensure quick warmup times.
  • We recommend using -10AN ports and -10AN oil lines to minimize restriction.
  • We recommend choosing the 180°F or 200°F thermostat for street cars, and the 212°F thermostat for track cars that run high viscosity engine oil.

Step 2

  • Select the ENV-117 oil filter spacer. This is required for the sandwich plate or filter takeoff to work with the FA20 / FA24 engine's recessed filter flange.

Step 3

  • The required filter thread extension bungs are sold separately and are selected in the remaining steps. The FA20 / FA24 engines use a M20x1.5 filter thread, so only this thread size is shown. Two extension bungs are required: one for the sandwich plate, and one for the spacer. These are high quality bung screws machined from hardened 410 stainless steel.


  • Subaru FA20 and FA24 engines found in vehicles including:
    • Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 / GT86, all model years
    • Subaru BRZ, all model years
    • Toyota GR86, all model years
    • 2012-2014 Subaru Legacy 2.0GT DIT
    • 2014-2018 Subaru Forester XT
    • 2015-2021 Subaru WRX
    • 2019+ Subaru Ascent
    • 2020+ Subaru Legacy XT
    • 2020+ Subaru Outback XT
    • 2022+ Subaru WRX
    • 2022+ Subaru Levorg / WRX Sportswagon / WRX GT
  • Application note:
    • If deleting the factory water to oil cooler found in later model years, you will need to install the factory filter screw bung, Subaru Part # 15018AA090.

Filter Spacer Dimensions

Part #


(Max Sensor Probe Length)


Thread Size

ENV-117 0.44 in (11.2 mm) 1/8" NPT


Part #
ENV-117 Kit
Improved Racing
Primary Material
6061-T6 aluminum
Type II Anodized
Minimum Operating Temperature
-40°F (-40°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature
302°F (150°C)
Maximum Operating Pressure
300 psi (20.68 bar)
Max Recommended Flow Rate
Up to 20 GPM (76 LPM)
Fluid Compatibility
Air and gas
Engine oil
Ethanol-based fuels (E85+)
Ethanol/gasoline mixtures
Gear oil
Nitrous Oxide
Racing fuels
Transmission fluid
Sensor / Accessory Port 1
1/8" NPT
Sensor / Accessory Port 2
1/8" NPT
Oil Filter Flange Inner Diameter
2.00" (50.8mm)
Oil Filter Flange Outer Diameter
3.00" (76.2mm)
Filter O-Ring Inner Diameter
2.484" (63.10mm)
Filter O-Ring Outer Diameter
2.762" (70.15mm)
Filter O-Ring Material
Viton® (FKM)