Oil Pickup Tube for LS1 Camaro / Firebird (F-Body) - 12558251

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Using a factory GM pan allows you to retain the structural rigidity of a cast-aluminum pan. This configurable kit will allow you to swap to an alternate factory pan that offers more favorable clearance, oil capacity, etc.

For performance applications (road racing, drifting, autocross, drag racing, off-road/rock crawling), we recommend adding an Improved Racing Oil Pan Baffle.

Please note: 

  • Gen III and IV Chevy V8 small-block (LS) engines are compatible with any of the featured GM OEM LS pans. However, if swapping to a different model, be sure to check the dimensions, clearance, capacity and other specifications of the intended pan to ensure it will suit your application. 
  • The windage tray, oil pickup tube, dip stick and dipstick tube must match the model of oil pan used (available as optional add-ons)
  • Oil pans come with the gasket, stock baffle, and necessary mounting hardware
  • Pickup tubes come with an o-ring seal


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LS Pan Kit Configurator
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