RaceFlux 1.25" ID Stitched Aluminized Kevlar Velcro Hose Sleeve, 10 Feet

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RaceFlux's aluminumed Kevlar aramid sleeve is now available with double-stitched sections so that it can easily be cut to size without frayed ends or unraveling! Sleeves can be cut into 13 inch, 26 inch, or 39 inch sections with a pair of scissors. 

The Kevlar aramid layer is now also thinner and more flexible, while still offering excellent protection against heat and abrasion. 

This reflective aluminized sleeve is designed to protect hoses, wires and cables from continuous radiant heat exposure up to 500°F and short-term exposure up to 1,000°F. This light-weight sleeve reflects approximately 90% of radiant heat energy to protect sensitive components from heat exposure. The high-strength Kevlar aramid fiber layer provides excellent abrasion resistance and flame resistance without the undesirable properties and handling hazards of fiberglass. 

The Velcro closure allows for easy installation over existing hoses and wiring harnesses. We recommend using this sleeve in applications where removable heat protection is desired or where access to the end of the hoses or wiring loom is not possible. We do not recommend this sleeve in applications where periodic exposure to flames may occur. While the Kevlar layer offers excellent fire resistance, the aluminized layer will melt quickly when directly exposed to flames. 

Sold in 10 foot lengths and can be cut into sections of legnths in mutliples of 13 inches with a pair of scissors without frayed or unraveled ends.  


  • 1.25" ID (suitable for up to -16AN hose)
  • Overall length: 100 inches (305 cm)
  • Double-stitched every 13 inches to prevent unraveling when cut
  • Construction: Aluminum outer layer, Kevlar aramid fiber inner layer, serge edge stitching, split with Velcro closure
  • Operating temperatures:
    • -65°F (-54°C) minimum continuous
    • 500°F (260°C) maximum continuous
    • 1,000°F (538°C) intermittent
  • Non-flammable
  • Recommended cutting tools: scissors
  • Abrasion resistance: excellent


Part #
Outer Layer Material
Inner Layer Material
Kevlar Aramid Fiber
Maximum Continuous Temperature Rating
500°F (260°C)
Maximum Intermittent Temperature
000°F (538°C)
Minimum Operating Temperature
-65°F (-54°C)
Inner Diameter (I.D.)
Heat Shield Length
10 ft (3 m)
Fits Max Hose Size
3/8" OD
1/2" OD
5/8" OD
3/4" OD
7/8" OD
1" OD
1.25" OD