Custom Improved Efficiency Oil Cooler Kit for 1996-2004 Ford Mustang, Supports 400WHP

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We understand that one size doesn't always fit all. That's why we offer the flexibility to customize our kits to perfectly suit your specific application needs. While our kits are designed as direct bolt-on solutions, we recognize that your project might have unique requirements. Contact us for more details.
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This kit is great for those who want to take the guesswork out of acquiring a quality oil cooling kit with additional efficiency in a compact space.

Improved Racings Motorsport Heat Exchanger (MHX) series oil coolers are the result of several years of development and testing to create a highly efficient oil cooler. These coolers were perfected through extensive testing on our in-house heat exchanger test system and wind tunnel. 

The MHX-514 oil cooler is a dual-pass oil cooler that matches heat rejection rates to larger, heavier stacked-plate coolers made by brands such as Setrab, Mocal, and Earl's. Compared to a typical 25-row stacked plate cooler, this cooler is 23% smaller overall and 20% lighter, yet holds 36% more oil volume capacity. The core is 23% thinner and has a lower row and fin density, allowing more air to flow through the cooler to other heat exchangers (such as a radiator) behind it. 

A major design focus was to minimize welds and brazings to make these coolers stronger, lighter, and less prone to leaks. All four end caps are single-piece CNC-machined billet aluminum. The rows consist of aluminum tubes stuffed with turbulators to maximize heat transfer. The dual-pass design also maximizes heat transfer efficiency. 

There are four M8x1.25 mm mounting holes, one on each corner of the cooler. Improved Racing has designed lightweight aluminum brackets (sold separately) to make mounting your cooler as easy as possible. The brackets feature integrated rubber isolators that protect the cooler from excessive vibration and extend the life of the cooler. 

All Improved Racing oil coolers are pressure tested to 175 PSI to ensure no leaks and are rated for continuous operation at 150 PSI. Our coolers are made in the USA and backed by our Lifetime Warranty

 We offer upgrades that include an Improved Racing remote oil filter mount, block adapter and can even include Accusump systems or customize a kit for you based on your needs. Please contact us to learn more and get a custom quote.

*** Assembly Required ***

In order to keep the cost down and pass along as much savings as possible to the customer, this kit does NOT come with pre-assembled fittings. You are required to assemble this kit/fittings and cut the RaceFlux hose to length. While we do include the Improved Race mounting bracket you may have to fabricate or come up with a solution yourself to attach the bracket to either the bumper support or radiator core support. We can offer suggestions and share customer mounting locations but please consider this isn't a direct bolt on. Some drilling and fabrication may be required.  We have AN Tools for sale to ensure you do not damage the finish of the fittings. They can be assembled with non AN tools but you will / could damage the fittings and the look of the fittings. Check our AN tools section here.


What's in the Box

  • (1) MHX-514 High-Efficiency Oil Cooler (Good up to 400 horsepower) (comes with -12AN fittings)
  • (1) MHX-500 Series Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket
  • (1) RaceFlux Lightweight Viton Racing Hose for Fuel and Oil, -10AN (15 feet)
  • (4) RaceFlux AN 90-Degree Double Swivel-Seal Hose End Fittings (-12AN)
  • (1) Improved Racing Oil Filter Sandwich Plate with Thermostat for Oil Coolers 180°F. Includes (2) -10AN fittings - Recommended for mixed street use and track use. (other options available, contact us).\


Improved Racings Oil Filter Sandwich Plate with Thermostat for Oil Coolers

Improved Racing's anodized billet aluminum sandwich plate is available in all popular oil filter thread sizes for easily plumbing an oil cooler to your engine. 

A built-in thermostat bypasses the oil cooler until the oil has reached its minimum operating temperature. The thermostat valve is for this kit is180°F, however, 200°F and 212°F temperatures are available upon request. This allows for quicker warm-up times and prevents the oil cooler from over-cooling the engine during street driving.