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Solid Motor Mounts, 1979-1995 Mustang

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Mustangs with big horsepower—and those with moderate horsepower but that are raced—will exceed the performance capability of stock motor mounts and even urethane-bushed motor mounts. Whether you race or just deploy that monster engine in a few choice straightaways around town, MM's solid motor mounts will keep your engine locked down.

The Problem
While rubber and urethane motor mounts reduce the transmission of engine vibration and noise into your Mustang's cabin, the very way they do that means they deform and flex while reacting to engine torque.

That motor mount flex allows the engine and transmission to rock over, which slows your Mustang's reaction to throttle inputs. Basically, you're losing throttle response when you want it most. Flexing also shortens soft mount longevity, leading to frequent replacement.

The Solution
MM's Engineering Team designed these solid motor mounts to keep your Mustang's engine securely in place. Here's why they're great:

  • Eliminate the soft mounts' unwanted driveline torque reaction.
  • Handle high power levels with thick steel design.
  • Maintain the stock engine location.
  • Improve throttle response.
  • No need for added-on torque straps.
  • Direct bolt-in, just like stock mounts.


  • Stock 1984-1995 k-members
  • 5.0L, 302, and 351W engines
  • MMKM-1 k-member for 1979-1995 Mustang
  • Ford small-block pushrod V8 engine swapped into 1996-2004 Mustang with the MMKM-1.1 K-member.
  • Dart blocks with coolant drain fitting near the mount; note the cut-out for this.

Does NOT fit
Stock 1979-1983 k-members because those Mustangs have unique motor mounts and associated k-member mounting pads.


  • Recommended for track use.
  • While some owners use these on street-driven Mustangs, you'll need to be toward the far end of the hardcore scale to tolerate the increased NVH.