Steering Shaft Assembly, Power Steering Rack, 1979-93 Mustang

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Solid Steering Shaft Assembly for 1979-1993 Mustang

  • Fits stock Ford power steering rack
  • Does NOT fit Flaming River power steering rack


  • Improves steering response by eliminating deflection allowed by the stock rubber rag joint.
  • Reduces annoying play at the steering wheel.
  • Stays secure because there are no setscrews to loosen.
  • Improved header clearance at the lower U-joint.
  • Precise fitment to your Mustang because its telescoping length accommodates different steering rack positions.
  • Easier installation because it can be collapsed to a shorter length than stock, then extended to fit.
  • Improved safety because it adds a collapsible section between the rack and the firewall.

Product Features

  • U-joints are welded to the shaft, no setscrews to loosen.
  • Attaches to steering rack with a pinch-bolt clamp (just like OEM) instead of a setscrew.
  • Two race-quality needle-bearing U-joints replace the rubber rag joint and the upper pin-and-block U-joint.
  • Telescoping design allows lengthening, up to 1.1" longer than stock shaft, to allow repositioning of the steering rack.
  • Unique design of the collapsible center section prevents the two halves from pulling apart.
  • Collapses shorter than a stock shaft.

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Tech Info

  • Don't forget rack bushings.
  • If you are installing an SN95 power steering rack in a Fox Mustang, you will need MM's Hybrid steering shaft (MMST-13).
  • If you are installing a manual steering rack, you will need MM's Manual Steering Shaft (MMST-12.1).


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