Thermostatic Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate Gen 1-2 SBC & Mk. 1-6 BBC Engines, 180°F, -10AN

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This thermostatic sandwich plate kit allows plumbing an oil cooler to Gen 1-2 SBC and Mk. 1-6 BBC engines. The kit includes an Improved Racing ENV-131-T4 thermostatic sandwich plate, the ENV-118 filter spacer and 410 stainless steel 13/16"-16 filter bung extension screws.

Please note the sandwich plate will only accommodate filters with gaskets up to 3.0" in outer diameter and is NOT compatible with original SBC / BBC filters, which are larger in diameter. A modern filter such as the AC Delco PF59 or PF46, or Wix 51522 or 51042 are all good choices and flow as well as the larger original filters. See the Documentation tab for a list of recommended filters. 

The sandwich plate's built-in thermostat bypasses the oil cooler until the oil has reached its minimum operating temperature. The thermostat valve is available in 180°F, 200°F and 212°F temperatures. This allows for quicker warm up times and prevents the oil cooler from over-cooling the engine during street driving.

Features -10AN make flare ports for plumbing an oil cooler.

Features and Benefits

  • 6061-T6 billet aluminum construction with black MIL-A-8625 Type II anodized finish
  • Filter bung extension screws are machined from hardened 410 stainless steel for excellent durability
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • 1x ENV-131-T4 180°F oil coler sandwich plate
  • 1x ENV-118 oil filter adapter spacer for Gen 1-2 SBC and Mk 1-6 BBC engines
  • 2x Sealing O-rings
  • 2x 13/16"-16 stainless steel filter bung extension screw


  • Gen 1-2 Chevrolet Small Block Engines
  • Mark 1-6 Chevrolet Big Block Engines
  • Fits filters with gasket inner diameter from 2.0" up to maximum gasket outer diameter of 3.0"



Part #
Improved Racing
Primary Material
6061-T6 aluminum
Type II Anodized
Thermostat Stabilization Temp
185°F (85.0°C)
Thermostat Activation Temp
180°F (82.2°C)
Full Flow Temp
203ºF (95ºC)
Minimum Operating Temperature
-40°F (-40°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature
302°F (150°C)
Inlet Port Size
-10AN Male Flare
Outlet Port Size
-10AN Male Flare
Maximum Operating Pressure
300 psi (20.68 bar)
Max Recommended Flow Rate
Up to 20 GPM (76 LPM)
Fluid Compatibility
Air and gas
Engine oil
Ethanol-based fuels (E85+)
Ethanol/gasoline mixtures
Gear oil
Nitrous Oxide
Racing fuels
Transmission fluid
Oil Filter Flange Inner Diameter
2.00" (50.8mm)
Oil Filter Flange Outer Diameter
3.00" (76.2mm)
Filter O-Ring Inner Diameter
3.40" (86mm)
Filter O-Ring Outer Diameter
3.80" (96mm)
Filter O-Ring Material
Nitrile (NBR)


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