Trap Doors for Oil Pans and Fuel Cells (4-Pack), 2.5''

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Trap Doors for Oil Pans and Fuel Cells (4-Pack), 2.5''

Building a custom oil pan or fuel cell? Improved Racing's purpose-built trap doors are the perfect solution. These trap doors are designed specifically for fluid baffling and are used in all of Improved Racing's oil pan baffles.

Sold in packs of 4. Also available to manufacturers in large volumes at wholesale pricing; please inquire.

Note: Open photo of trap door shows the trap door at the 60-degree stop position.


  • Made from aluminum with a stainless steel pin and offset knuckle to smooth operation
  • Open dimensions - Width: 1.75" or 2.5", Height: 1.75"
  • Maximum recommended window dimensions: Width 1.55" (1.75" wide door), 2.3" (2.5" wide door), Height: 0.6" (see diagram under Instruction Manuals)
  • Features a 60-degree stop to prevent trap doors from sticking in the open position (see photo). This also allows for as little as 1" of clearance between the baffle walls and the pickup
  • Designed to hang slightly open when no G forces are applied, so that oil can flow freely into the oil pump pickup area
  • Attach using 1/8" rivets or screws with locking nuts. 1/8" aluminum solid body (aircraft) rivets are recommended
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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5052-H32 aluminum
Improved Racing
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