Windage Tray Lock-Nuts, GM LS Engines, Factory Main Studs

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These lock-nuts secure the factory GM LS windage trays or Improved Racing crankshaft scrapers to the factory main studs.

The nut is a Class 10 flange nut with M8x1.25 threads and meets or exceeds the factory specification lock-nut (GM part # 11609746).

Most LS and Vortec family engines require 10 lock-nuts to secure the windage tray. The F-Body oil pan and Holley 302-2 oil pan use shortened windage trays, requiring 8 lock-nuts.

Sold individually.

Features and Benefits

  • Opposing trident locking impressions resist loosening from vibration
  • Class 10 flange nut holds a proof load of 8500 lbs (38 kN)
  • Meets or exceeds the factory specification GM windage tray lock-nuts
  • Zinc-plated for corrosion resistance
  • M8x1.25 threads
  • Reusable*

* By design, each time the nut is installed and removed the locking ability of the nut is minimally reduced. It is recommended to replace the nuts after 5 complete install/uninstall cycles to maintain maximum locking performance.


Part #
Primary Material
Zinc-plated steel
Zinc Plated
Improved Racing