Installation Kit: MCS Spec Iron struts for use with Mm5CC-7, 2005-2014

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Kit required to install the MCS struts used in the NASA Spec Iron series with the MM Universal Coil-over Caster Camber Plates, Mm5CC-7

Includes the spacers, thrust bearings, and upper spring perches needed to install the Mm5CC-7 Caster Camber Plates to the MCS-brand Spec Iron struts.

Mm5CO-10 installation kit fits the Mm5CC-7, which is the universal caster camber plate for installation of an aftermarket adjustable ride-height coil-over kit.


  • MM Universal Coil-over Caster Camber Plates: Mm5CC-7
  • MCS -brand Spec Iron struts

2005-2014 Mustang and 2007-2014 GT500 with Mm5CC-7 Caster Camber Plates and the MCS-brand Spec Iron struts